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I'm rounding up because I really used to like LKH's books. The honsest rating would be more like 2 2 1/2. I was still able to finish up and remain mildly entertained till about the last 30% of this book. 

Mild spoiletrs.I'll start with what I like. I liked the plot line of Tarnis regaining poweres and being a nemesis. More plot please LKH. I also like Frost and Kitto. I've liked Frost from the beginning, and thought he and Merry had the sexist sex in the 1st book. I like Kitto mostly because I think the goblin side plot is interesting and wish we could see more of it.

This next part, things I'm not so found of is going to be longer and kind of rantish. The endless physical descriptions need to stop. This the 9th book in this series. People seldom pick a book 9 books into the series to start with. We know what everyone looks like, and I inperticular don't care what everyone is wearing.

While I'm speaking of physical descriptions I have to bring up the fact they we are told Merry isn't that attractive by sidhe standards. Yet every hot guy In hottie town is falling all over themselves to be with her and love her. This was semi believable when she was the only option as a sexual partner. I can't help, but thinking at least a few of her men like Rhys and Galen would have tried to find a more satisfying relationship with someone else. Its stated numerous times that she loves them 2nd best. 

I'm not that well versed in poly relationships. If LKH 's portrayal is accurate it sounds exhausting. As a fellow Midwesterner the amount of ego stroking, and feelings discusions sounds excruciating. Where is the Midwestern stoicism? 

Last and very least in this book at least is the sex. If you were looking for some steamy sex this isn't the book to find it in. More ludicrous at least to me. Merry has the magical ablity to have an earth shattering orgasims just from giving a man oral sex. Excuse me while I raise and eyebrow and chuckle. The sex with Sholto is just gross to me. Call me a prude,but I can't find tentacles sexy. I don't care what kind of pleasure they are capable of giving. Just No. There was also a disturbing mouth fisting part. Once again call me a prude, but a guy ramming his whole fist down my throat does absolutely nothing for me.

This book has almost unnamous negative reviews, and because of that I hesitated to read it. I waited till it was a $3.99 kindle option Even though over all I enjoyed the series as a whole. My final verdict is it wasn't that bad. It just wasnt that good either.