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The Mists of Avalon
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The Magician King - Lev Grossman

Finally finished. This book was such a struggle for me. I feel like I really only enjoyed the last hundred pages or so. I started reading this coming off the The Magicians. Which didn't exactly blow me away either. Boom these books reminded me a great deal of the secret history. Even with the fantasy aspect I feel like I want to category these books under first world problems. Does anyone really care about wealthy white kid problems besides other wealthy white kids?

I have to admit I liked the Julia chapters and I liked the end as well. The book just took to long to really get started. I'm not a fan of Quenten either something about him just rubs me the wrong way. I liked Josh and Poppy as minor characters. Eliot though, off the top of my head I'd say Francis from The secret history and Nigel from Special topics in calamity physics are all basically the same characters. Seriously author stop recycled this stereotype of what a gay man is.

I only really finished this book for a couple of reasons 1. I hate to dnf. 2. It became my bus stop read.  3. The 3 one is out this week. I hate to stop reading a trilogy 2nd book in but if I do read the next one it will be when it's at a greatly reduced price. I bought the Magicians king at Books a million as a hardcover for under 10 bucks