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Flowers in the Attic - V.C. Andrews

I  the first time I read this book I was maybe 11 or 12. That would set the time frame to be the early 90's. I loved it back then. Myself and all my middle school age friends devoured V.C. Andrews and and we're suitably scandalized. I didn't see the 80's era movie of flowers in the attic till much later probability after I had graduated high school. What prompted me to revisit this book was to small things. The first being maybe 6 months ago it was a nook daily find priced at less than 2 bucks. The 2nd reason is of course the lifetime movies that were made of the first two books. I'm not a lifetime movie watcher, but these were a must dvr.


As a women in her 30's reading this I thought this book is ludicrous. Really even back then what kind of kids say things like golly lolly and know and use words such as verbose and maelstrom?  Not no mention how narcissistic and shallow everyone in this book is. It reads like a bad day time soap. I've never been locked in an attic with my sibs for years on end, but some how I couldn't see my self slipping into a see through nightie and matching panties and strutting my stuff to get my brothers attention.  Why would the mom even buy her such a thing? She won't buy her a bra but buys her sexy lingerie to wear amongst her siblings. What the Holy Fuck man?


My overall reading experience on this was it was fun in a terrible stuff that came out of the 80's way. I liken it to overindulgence in sweets deilous and fun for a bit, but left me feeling a bit nauseous at the end.  The 4 star rating stands for sentimental reasons.