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mild spoilers

Hopeless  - Colleen Hoover

Oh god I really did not like this book. Book like this are why I'm done with this genre. 


Let's start with the characters. Meet Sky her hobbies include letting strange young men crawl through her bedroom window so she can lie passively feeling nothing as they feel her up. Rape seems to be a new concept for Sky. She often reminds us that she is not a slut, because no actual intercourse is taking place. Sky my girl I feel you may be splitting hairs. I wish just once we could have a new adult heroine who owns her sexuality.  Just puts it's out there I like sex bitchs so suck it. When Sky does find a boy that she really is attracted to she must wait passively for him to kiss her first, because women being the sexuality aggressor even in something as small as a kiss is a no no. Women must remain passive and submissive at all times. Dispite her many flaws Sky looks down on pretty much all other young women. They are stupid and fake. I guess she is a good judge of other young women because she has one female friend.


Holder our hero is your typical alpha male neanderthal.  His hobbies include stalking because what Y.A. romance Dosent have a stalker hero. He's also jealous aggressive and has a nasty temper. His most redeeming factor is he's super hot with a great body and magnificent abs. Let's hope Holder Dosent let himself go cause then we would be left with a pissed off stalker with a beer gut, and that's so not sexy.


Did I forget the supporting characters. Don't worry they are mostly without personalty. 


The story line is a bit unbelievable and seems like something that you would see on a lifetime movie of the week. So if you like those kind of things this book might be for you. The supposedly sexy parts were a let down when Sky and Holder first get together and have their big dry hump I actually literally feel asleep. Later sky finds out some horrific childhood things she been suppressing which would frankly have but me off sexy time. Not for our lovebirds though it was game on. Overall I recommend these characters seek therapy. Long term therapy soon.