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Bloodline: A Sigma Force Novel - James Rollins

So James Rollins is pretty much my go to suspense / thriller writer. I've enjoyed all his novels, but the sigma force series is by far my favorite. Bloodline didn't disapoint. I love the story line and the way it's heading. I've been pulling for Grey and Sechan for awhile now. I was also happy to see Kat, Lisa, and on a smaller scale Monk getting more action than they've seen in quite a few books. My only gripe is the older books had a bit more history mixed in the story. For a 8th in the series I think the story is staying pretty solid. I feel like I want to use one of those lame comment" had me on the edge of my seat" but in reality I always read sprawled on the couch or in bed. Never the less there were some very tense moments. The sigma force is going stronge.