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The Mists of Avalon
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Pendragon's Banner (Pendragon's Banner Trilogy, #2) - Helen Hollick

My experiences with the King Arthur legend are small. The Disney Sword in the stone movie, Excalibuer that 80'S movie, Arthur early 00's movie and now this book. So I'm clearly not an expert on these matters. Aside from wanting to put this book aside in the very being (I'm chalking it up to holiday stress) I thought for the most part it was amazing. I didn't want to but it down. I found myself both rooting for and detesting the characters. There was enough action and movement that each chapter kept me wanting more. I also thought the changing pov was handled very well. Overall I'm very pleasantly surprised this book was a bargain book (less than 3 dollars). I'm defiantly wanting to finish the series.