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City of Lost Souls - Cassandra Clare

Well I liked this a great deal more than City of fallen angels. Which I felt lacked a good villian. In City of lost souls we have Sebastian back and up to no good. Thank god for that. Now if only we could have Valentine back to. I'm more of a fan of Cassandra Clare's villians than heros for sure. Sebastian is hell bent on ruling an army of shadowhunters powered by demon blood. He is also struggling with loneliness and seems to want to make a connection with his younger sister Clary albeit an incestuous one. He even offers to share her with Jace which I think is a pretty fair deal.  Clary girl that's two studs for the price of one.  I'm wondering if Cassandra Clare read much V.C Andrews.


I wasn't crazy about the Maia, Jordan storyline. Jordan used to abuse Maia and still seems like a first class creeper. She's gone for a couple of hours and he freaks out. I hate clingy heros, heroines. Nobody likes that shit in real life and Jordan seems like the type to show up at your girls night out. Watching, creeping, stalking. Alec and Mangus who started off pretty cool are failing off a bit as well. Mostly due to Alec's jealously. He goes so far as to consider helping Camilla end Mangus ' s immortality. How could he possibly think that was going to end well? 


I do like Simon and Izzy very much. I think they deserve a happy ending.


I still feel meh about Jace and Clary. I tend to like Jace a bit more than Clary, but I strangely like the paired together with Sebastian,  Jace most. The Ending with Jace being filled with heavenly fire was a kind of eye roll for me.  Fuck sake Jace what no, what more can happen to you man. His hands are what weapons of mass destruction now? 


This whole series is a guilty pleasure read for me. I'm shamelessly entertained.