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The Ender Quartet Box Set - Orson Scott Card
Curiosity got the best of me, and I let a coworker loan this to me. This whole book reminded me so much of star ship troopers. Forget his stance on homosexuality I wanted to search if Card had publicly admitted that this book is some homage to Robert Helien. I wasn't a fan of star ship troopers either.
I try to take into account the year it's published in, but for my personal taste it was a no go. In the first fifty pages there is a racial slur, jokes about homosexuality, and fart jokes that continue through the novel. Not my personal taste.
I'm just going to put it out there I don't care about military maneuvers. There is just no way to make this interesting to me. I skimmed large amounts of the battle school, and command school battles. Nope just don't care.
Randomly inexplicable stuff why were the boys always naked? I'm going to admit to a chuckle over Ender's and Bonso's naked soapy fight scene. 
I was more interested in Valentine's and Peter's story. I recommend this book for grown men who love video games.