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City of Glass - Cassandra Clare Hmmm so for a series I had no plans of finishing I'm warming up to it. I am afraid I like it for the the wrong reasons namely that its fan fiction. So as I'm reading it I'm seeing it in my head as a cross between the hp movies and a very potter musical. Which is totally awesome!

So lets get started with what I like. Jace our hero much like a fungus is growing on me. I'm starting to think he is ok. "Is ok good?" "Ok is wonderful". No really I'll stop now. Jace is ok. I still like Simon as well, glad to see he is coming into his own. I'd like to see Simon an Isabelle ( whom I'm starting to like quite well) get together. I like Magnus way to much for bring a creepy old prev who is creeping on our young Alec.

I loved Valentine. You're only as good as you're villain. I picture him as Lusius Malfoy (Jason Isaacs) with that bitching hair, pimp cane, and a sneer. Maybe I'm a masochist, but bro you suited up!

Sebastian was a on my loved list as well. What's this a long lost evil brother! This is the kind of stuff soaps were built on in the 80's. handsome, French manners, sweeps you away on his white steed. I don't care if you're half demon and it's burned out your humanity don't you dare change a thing.

What I didn't like so much Alec, Maia, Jocelyn,Max, and Luke. Sorry guys I don't care much about you either way. You are just filler or tragic side character.

And Clary! I don't like Clary. What a selfish little bitch. Jealous, spoiled, bitchy. I don't know what the boys see in you Clary. When Luke and Jace finally ripped into I said yes. But no it had no impact on you. Clary has to go.

Despite it's problems it was a fun little tale. The writing could be loads better, but I found myself guiltily liking it. I would be kinder to it if these were Cassandra Clare's original characters.