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The White Queen - Philippa Gregory I had read Philippa Gregory's other series ( you know those Boylen girls) and quite liked it. Historical romance/fiction isn't really my cup of tea. To be truthful I picked this up because of the stars series on tv, and the next three books were in the discount pile at bam. I figured why not.

This book just really didn't do it for me. I skim read large parts of it, especially the war scenes. I know almost nothing about this period in English history so I'm taking Philippa's and wikipedia's word for it. My major problem were the characters one dimensional and not particularly likable. Elizabeth seems only to care for her male sons, her position, and sexy time with the king. The king cares about being the king, and of course sexy time with the queen and numerous whores. Whore this whore that. I was a little offended.

On the high notes I liked Elizabeth's mom and her brother, but over all they were undeveloped characters.

So in all mildly entertaining if you're into these type if stories, but for me a bit of a snooze fest.