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Unteachable - Leah Raeder I initially saw great reviews in this one and it had an attractive price tag. That being said I confess I went in a bit skeptical. The older man younger woman thing had been done to death, and seems to having a reining heyday in almost everything I read lately. We are always seem to be waiting on some ancient stud to carry us away. They always want teenagers why? Why?

So I was pleasantly surprised by this. I devoured it in one sitting filling up on it like a bag of oreo's. I found it equally delicious light enough to satisfy my need for fluff, but not sweet enough to give me diabetes.

The character development was quite good, and the story keep me interested and turning pages. I ended up really liking the characters even the secondary ones. I liked that Masie and Evan didn't shy away from the fact that the student/teacher aspect of their relationship was part of the turn on. Overall I really enjoyed it.