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Memoirs of a Geisha - Arthur Golden

It seems like most everyone loved this except me. I did like the first hundred or so pages, and it was a fairly quick read. My first gripe is a bit of a personal pet peeve I hate endless clothes descriptions and this book has so much. Yea I don't need to knew what you are wearing every moment. This book has a lot of women on women hate. It just got really pretty after awhile. Also as a romance this book failed completely. All of the men were at least mid thirties and most of the women were teens to early twenties. The men were also married and at some various points paying the women for sex so no it wasn't very romantic to me. The main romantic plot to me wasn't very believable to me. I hated the Mary Sue narration and just overall didn't like it. Recommend for people that are into sleazy men and catty women