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Egg and Spoon - Gregory Maguire

This was March's buddy read with my brother and it took me the entire month to read it. That's no reflection on this book I've been caught up reading some other stuff and didn't devote much time to this book. I really liked all of Gregory McGuire's older books most were 4 and 5 stars books for me. And the beging 60% of this book was a soild 4 stars for me, but I found my attention lagging a bit after that. I'm not sure how I wanted this book to end, but I was just a bit unsatisfied. Despite taking me entire month to read I read about the last 55% of this book this evening so it should be a quick read. My fanial thought are that this is a good Gregory McGuire book, but probably not his best 3 1/2 stars.