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Sharp Objects - Gillian Flynn

This perhaps my favorite Gillian Flynn novel. I listened to this as an audio book on Scribd this was also a buddy read with my brother Carl. I think I actually liked it more than he did though. Gillian Flynn does an amazing job of writing messed up disturbing characters that aren't particular sympathetic, but the mystery is compelling enough to keep my going.  I have a tendency to make predictions in the first couple of chapters on how I think it will end. I'm usually decently accurate, but I'm 0 for 3 on Gillian Flynn novels. I listened to this mostly while out doing my daily jog and was pretty creeper out in places. I wouldn't recommend this to everyone the subject material is pretty heavy.  Child abuse rape,  alcoholism, self mutilation, etc. So if reading about those things are to much for you to handle I'd steer clear of Gillian Flynn in general. 4 out of 5 stars recommend for lovers of a dark mystery.