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Beatles vs. Stones - John McMillian

I'm going to start this review by saying I'm a pretty big Rolling Stones fan. I usually have a hard time picking favorite things,but the Stones are my favorite band. This is an absolute fact about me. I like the Beatles as well and appreciate the talent (I like Paul the best), but at the end of the day I just like the Rolling Stones better.

 I really enjoyed this book. The stuff about the Rolling Stones was nothing new to me. I've read several Stones biographies, so for the most part nothing new. Some of the Beatles stuff was new to me. I've not read so much about about them or maybe forgot reading about it. 

 I found this book in the discount section of BAM and I'm wondering if although I liked the book that it doesn't actually belong in the discount book section. I was born in 1980  very few people my age care about the Rolling Stones or the Beatles let alone their real or manufacturer rivalry. As I was reading I tried to keep in mind how often a casual non fan reader would have to Google albums, people, and such. It was very often.

 So I do recommend this book, to people who have more than a casual interest in classic rock.