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NOS4A2 - Joe Hill

I held off on a review of this book for a bit for a couple of reasons, one I fully wanted to digest what I'd read, and second my brother hadn't finished reading it. C'mon Carl get your head in the game. Horror isn't a genre I read often because I'm a big sissy. This book however is my second Joe Hill novel. I read Horns last October as a buddy read with Carl. NOS4A2 is a much longer scarier book.


Mild spoilers

 This books deals with child abuse, and rape, so fair warning if that kinda stuff is not something you can deal with reading. I personally found the gas mask man, and the house of sleep some of the most disturbing parts. The telephone calls from Christmas land were very creepy as well. Also most of the characters aren't necessarily all that sympathetic. I'm mentioned before that I don't need a hero to root for as long as the story is well written.


Joe Hill is Steven Kings son. I'm sure everyone knows this by now. I'm not a Steven King fan, but I'm really starting to become of fan of his son. It's hard deny that this feels influenced by Kings earlier books. I've recently bought heart shaped box and I'm excited and interested to see what Joe Hill has in store for me. I'd recommend this to lovers of Horror, paranormal, and those who like their fiction dark.