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The Graveyard Book, adult version - Neil Gaiman

I've really been slacking off on my brothers and my bubby reads. This was his October pick, and I was determined to finish it and get back on track. It felt like I had been reading this book for ages. It had been four days in reality. I really love most Neil Gaiman's adult novels and I want to love his younger audiences stuff, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Earlier this year Carl and I buddy read Fire and Hemlock this book gave me that same feeling. The first half at least I was wondering what was going on. Also wondering if this was an appropriate children's book. I don't have children, and am especially out of my element judging what's suitable for them to read. The beginning half when Bod is a small child was a bit boring to me. I love the idea of a boy growing up in a graveyard, but this book just missed the mark for me. It honestly would have been a two star except the last few chapters which gave me the feels.