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Kevin Kwan A Novel Crazy Rich Asians (Paperback) - Common - by Kevin Kwan

3 1/2 stars


This book had a Jackie Collins, Sidney Sheldon feel to me. Kinda dishy, and trashy, but a guilty pleasure. I did enjoy it. It was a light fairly quick read. There was so much brand name dropping clothes, cars, jets, and more clothes. That and the endless trendy food descriptions got on my nerves. We know already you own nice shit this isn't an episode of cribs let's move on with the story. But the story never went anywhere. So what's the point. I had a hard time believing Nick, and Rachel had been  dating two years. For that matter I had a hard time believing Nick had ever even met his horrid family before.  He seemed so hopelessly clueless. You have millions of dollars Nick take some  and buy a clue. I'll probably read the sequel just to see how this all turns out. This book has no proper ending so if that kinda thing annoys you be warned. I'd recommend this for lovers of breezy chick lit, or those interested in satirical look at how the mega moneyed live. If you're looking for real substance though this book isn't the place to find it.