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Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil - John Berendt

Full disclosure I'd heard about this book, but knew nothing about the actual trial, or the the movie. I maybe have passed through Savannah once or twice. I'm not really sure, but definitely never spent any time there. So I genuinely didn't know the out come of the trial till I finished the book. My rating on this is hovering right around 3 or 4. The writing was well done with rich details that I felt really set the scene. If I had to describe this book in one word it would be juicy. As in dishing some juicy gossip over cocktails in the late afternoon sunshine. So yes it was very entertaining. I've read several novels set in Savannah, and for the most part I'd say that they to embrace the wacky, eccentric, boozy feel that this book has. As non fiction I'd have to say the author is clearly biased in favor of Jim Williams. Most times I have a problem roaming the internet for every bit of information I don't know about while reading. I never once felt the urge to Google this trial or any of the people. Take that how you will. A couple of times I felt the author was gearing up to really say something about racism, or homophobia, but never really did. I'd recommend this to lovers of true crime, or those who are interested in genteel, eccentric, WASPs. I'm looking to find the movie soon.