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Prince of Thorns - Mark  Lawrence

So,I really liked it. Yes it's very violent, and yes the main character is pretty much as I stated in my updates a blood thristy homicidal teenager. He does reminisce on his participation in the rape of two young village girls. But I still liked it sue me I like Dark fantasy. I've never been the type that needs a heroic or likable main character.So is Jorg a swoon worthy lovable protagonist? Resoundingly no, but the story is good, and it kept me interested and entertained enough that I'm definitely finishing the series. My couple of gripes were when was this story supposed to take place? I'm guessing it's an alternate reality, but they clearly had books from this reality. That was very confusing. I'd also like to see some of the side characters more fleshed out. There reasoning behind actions were never revealed. Maybe that comes later in the sequels. What I did like was the pacing. Things moved very quickly and there was lots of action. For a fantasy novel this book is remarkably short. I think that's both a blessing and a curse in this case. Most times in fantasy novels large parts are given to setting up background, and explaining character motivations. So this book lacks some insight, but also doesn't suffer from the boredom of taking at least the first half of the story it even get going. It's always moving forward and the chapters devoted to the past are clearly setting up for the future action. I would recommend this for dark fantasy lovers with an emphasis on the dark. This is clearly not Tolkien.