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Affliction - Laurell K. Hamilton

This was leaps and bounds better than the last few books in this series. Certainly not perfect, but better. There was an actual plot and action. The sex was even dialed way back, and actually took a back seat to the plot. I really liked the action and police work it remined me of the roots of this series. So big up for getting back to some of the things reader's loved about this series. There were even some parts I found genuinely creepy. 


However this book was far to long. It took me just over a week to read. Part of that far to long is the dreaded descriptions.  we get treated to what everyone looks like and is wearing over, and, over. I've seen some reviews that suggests that this din't happen in the beginning of the series, but in my option LKH has always loved endless descriptions. Am I the only one who remembers the repetitive how Anita likes her coffee descriptions in the first couple of books. LKH's go poly message is pretty boring as well. We're what 22, 23 books in I think it's safe to assume the readers that have slogged through this long are either in favor, ok with, or really don't care about poly relationships. It's cool you don't need to attack us with it. I even that the tone is a little judgemental toward folks that just want a monogamous relationship. 


So although I thought it was much better than the last few books in this series I still think it needs some work. My main complaint would be parts of it were deeply boring. I was happy to see Edward back, but not sure how I feel about this kinder, fluffier, flirtatious Edward.


I'm not a grammar Nazi or red penned, but this book had some glaring mistakes. Hey I know typos and accidents happen, but this books dust jacket U.S. price is $28.95. I know you can afford an editor to at least clean up the grammar missteps.


My thoughts are I may continue this series, but only as freebies, and bargain books.