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The Mists of Avalon
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Spellman Six: The Next Generation (Spellmans, #6) - Lisa Lutz

This is the 6th book in this series. I'm positive I've read 1,2,3,and 6. 5 definitely not, but I'm kinda fuzzy on 4. This is my way of telling you this series sort of blends together. They usually have a short recap so I didn't think I was missing out to much. It was a super easy read. I mostly finished up on my way back and forth to work. I was still entertained, but I started getting that Janet Evonovitch feeling where the jokes were getting tired. The writer says she intends to continue the series from the younger sisters POV I'm going to reserve judgement on that one. So basically I liked the first ones a bit better, but still a solid book.