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Wolf Hall (Thomas Cromwell, #1) - Hilary Mantel

I've had this book a really long time. A couple of years at least. A co worker recommended it. Thanks Michael even though you'll most likely never see this review. What spurred me into finally tackling this monster of a book was of course the PBS mini series. I ended up finishing it in 6 days. I really liked the book. It wasn't what I expected. I had thought maybe it would be a tad boring. It did go into extreme detail about Thomas Cromwell's life, but the writing was good enough that that wasn't a deterrent. 

 I don't know much about this era of history. Mostly some fuzzy high schools memories and Phillippa Gregory's Boleyn novels. So pretty much nothing. I had to stop myself from abusing Wikipedia because besides Anne and a couple of the other wives fates I had no idea who lives and dies and how. The problem with that is I didn't really know who anyone was. It doesn't help that everyone has the same or similar sounding names. Seriously though there must have been ten Thomas's and Mary's. Like I said I still really enjoyed it. If I was huge fan of Tudor era England this would have been a five for me, but myself I preferred a bit of magic and dragons in my midevel reading.