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The DUFF: Designated Ugly Fat Friend - Kody Keplinger

I didn't like it. As always I'll leave my disclaimer that I'm well over the age of this books target reader. I'm still a little horrified that this being targeted to young girls. This is not going to be a nice review.


First off let me say I don't care how hot a man is him calling you duff or duffy as a nickname is not exceptable ever. I couldn't imagine wanting to sleep with a man that said that about me or anyone else really.Troat punching yes sexy time not so much.


The main character is pretty terrible as well. Jugdemental, self absorbed, not really a good friend. I think it was supposed to be showing her having a relation here the end.


Jess one of the friends thinks its not nice to say the word vagina. Thats a healthy attitude for young girls to embrace. Buddly, happy young teenage girls don't talk about their vaginas.


Once again all the horrible parents in a YA novel. Special shout out to Bianca's mom for leaving her with a back slidding alcoholic father. When he drinks he gets violent. Just no everything about this book pretty much no.


I read a lot of Jackie Collins when I was a very young teenager and I would recommend that over this.