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Paper Towns - John Green

I going to start of by saying I'm not the intended audience for this book. I've read a couple of other John Green novels and liked them. I was always left feeling I'd have enjoyed them much more in my early teens. This book is sitting right between 2and half stars and three for me. So I didnt love it.


I liked the dialogue and laughed in a couple places. I thought the over use of like as the teenagers were talking was very authentic, but still made me cringe. In this book John Green has made his teenagers less wise which I think is good. It made the characters seem more realistic.


Things I didn't care for. I was bored with about 3 quartes of this book. Margo is horrid horrid. Seriously though we're supposed to believe her parents were terrible to her on what evidence? They changed the lockes. The girl had ran away four prior times. I can't imagine that if your teenage daughter ran away more than once child protective services wouldn't be all over your shit. Did they beat her? Molest her? Verbally abuse her? Why wasn't  she in therapy? If she was doing for attention  I can see them getting a little fed up. I've lived in Flordia 15 years it's not a terrible place. I also got a irritatited with Q. Why go to all this trouble for a girl that hasnt been a friend to you in what 10 years.Then he gets angry with his own friends for not caring about a girl they barely knew. 


As a disclaimer I'm going to say that maybe I'm to old to get teen agnst anymore. This was my buddy read for February with my brother. I'm officially distancing myself for YA again for awhile.